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Best prices for your products. Tracked shipment. Global reach and local production with high quality. 24/7 support.

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Taking Print on Demand to the Next Level

After millions of sales in POD, we have identified 3 powerful ways we can improve your POD Shopify store

Better Prices, Bigger Profits!

We as Merch Hero - a Moteefe solution - leverage on a global supply chain, and we're committed to offering you the best prices, which allow you to achieve the best profits!

Global Reach and Local Production with High Quality

We proudly produce all items in the EU and the USA, based on your buyers' locations. It ensures better and faster deliveries, turning buyers into brand ambassadors.

24/7 Support

We're true partners to your POD business, and we have a team of people dedicated to supporting you no matter your time zone.


Merch Hero offers a selection of premium products for you to print your designs on and sell! Our products are guaranteed to make your customers happy and boost your sales!

The Best Global POD Printing Network

Your customers want cheaper shipping and faster delivery. We match these wishes with the closest fulfillment centre from our global printing network, to give them the best possible service.

Academy & Community

Merch Hero is the first and only POD solution to offer a full course on how to sell custom merchandise on social media platforms. We also have a strong community of sellers, to which we provide a dedicated support team and a wide range of resources for them to use.

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How It Works

Step 1Connect Your Store

Easy installation at the click of a button. Upload your designs onto any of our premium products.

Step 2Sell Your Items

We provide content, training, support and a wide range of resources to ensure you succeed at every level. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Step 3Ship Items to Customers

Your order is automatically processed through our global printing network. We'll print, package and ship your items for you.